Knoxville TN Alarm Company   Alarm System Monitoring Knoxville TN

Mick Boven

PO Box 70668
Knoxville, TN 37938
TN Lic # C-0916

Owner Mick Boven, PAG


"Alarm Services Company" offers Installations, Service, and Monitoring of most types of Security Alarm Systems. We offer services for Burglar Alarms, Camera Systems & Access Control. We're a small company, local to Knoxville with over 30 years experience. With over 30 years in the Alarm Industry, we can work on just about any brand of equipment. When we install "New Equipment" however, we prefer Honeywell.

If you would like us to "monitor" an existing system... we will be happy to "hook you up" with no "Long Term Agreements" required. Activation is free. Standard monitoring as low as $17.41 per month... when paid annually ($19.00 per month when paid quarterly).

(Monitoring Services provided through Emergency24...)

Click here. for a YouTube link to give you an idea why a professionally installed System is always better. Here's another one click.